Alan McKane

Telephone: +44(0)161-275-4192 

Internet Email:


Room 7.15, Schuster Building

School of Physics and Astronomy
The University of Manchester
Oxford Road
M13 9PL
United Kingdom

Research Interests

At present my research interests lie broadly in the study of complex systems, especially in the use of ideas and techniques from non-equilibrium statistical mechanics and the theory of stochastic processes to model and understand them. One area of current interest is in characterising the effects of intrinsic stochasticity on deterministic models, especially when amplified stochastic cycles arise (with applications in ecology, epidemiology, reaction kinetics, cellular reactions, and many other areas). Another is in the analysis of neutral theories of evolution (with applications in population genetics, ecology and the evolution of language). I am also interested in the use of evolutionary dynamics to construct networks, mainly foodwebs to date, and in the use of more conventional types of stochastic dynamics, both from the perspective of the development of mathematical formalism and to model biological and social systems. In addition I have a number of other interests, which do not naturally fit into the above categories.

A list of my recent publications gives access to further details.

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