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Theoretical Nuclear Physics Group

Theoretical Physics PhD and MSc

PhD Course

This is normally a three year course. The majority of the first year is taken up with a small research project and dissertation together with lecture courses. The latter can range from the full set of lecture courses taken by M.Sc. students to none at all, depending on experience and background. The rest of the course is taken up with research for the main thesis project.

Candidates are required to hold a first or upper second class Honours degree from a British University, or equivalent. However, if you already hold an M.Sc. degree with substantial research content you may be able to bypass the first year of the course and take the degree in two years. The course can start in September, January, April or July, but September is strongly recommended for the 3 year PhD course.

For further information about possibilities in the group, please contact Prof Michael C. Birse.

Theoretical Subnuclear Physics

Potential supervisors in this area, with a link to their homepage specifying their research interests:

Prof Michael C. Birse, Dr Judith A. McGovern, Prof Niels R. Walet.

Recent thesis titles include:

  • MSc Courses
  • This is a postgraduate course in theoretical physics consisting of both lecture courses and a research project. The level is suitable for British students who have completed their first degree. It will also be attractive to students at a similar level from European Countries, who wish to visit this country for a year as part of their programme of study. For non-European students the course provides an opportunity to study theoretical physics at an advanced level in a European environment.

    Course Director: Dr Judith McGovern

    Opportunities exist for research in all the areas mentioned above. Recent thesis projects include:

    How to Apply

    For further information, application forms for admission and copies of our postgraduate prospectus, please look at the school's web pages, or email: pgphysics@manchester.ac.uk